Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preview: Mantis-Men!

I've always loved bug-guys, and our first offering will be 28mm Mantis-Men suitable for use with any fantasy or sci-fi RPG or skirmish game. Bob Naismith has created 2 distinct bodies, 2 heads, 9 arms, and a quiver for the bow arm (not pictured in these preview shots). The second body will include a battle harness where modelers can attach the quiver and any other accessories they may want to add themselves.

Take a look at the first preview shots, then see below for more details.

All arms will be cast with a nice tab so that they can be easily plugged into the body.

Here you can see the individual parts of the first Mantis-Man warrior. One of those spear arms was turned into a throwing disc in the final product.

Also not pictured is the new bow arm and quiver.

Now I am keen selling a two-pack including all of the components (2 distinct bodies, 2 distinct heads, 9 arms, and the quiver). We'll likely cast it up with all the right arms on one tab and all the left on the other, except for the bow and quiver, which will go on their own small tab. The two heads would also get a tab of their own.

Since we're in the early stages of planning, I'd like to ask folks how they might want to buy singles. Would prefer a body, 1 head, and all 9 arms for your single pack, or some other combination? I will have better information on prices once I get the masters made up and figure out what we can sneak into a production mold, space-wise.

In the meantime, write me at and let me know what you think. Thanks!



  1. I am guessing these could be converted to sci-fi by adding a rifle to one of those arms?

  2. Who needs a single bug-man!! 2-packs it is, that way you get all you need for your hive... seriously though, great idea, perfect for a new rpg campaign setting I'm looking forward to playing in.. and now I know where to get the figures! - Josh

  3. I may do some arms later with "radium" guns, and perhaps a new body with battle-harness and holstered "radium pistol". Would not be hard at all.

  4. I agree with Merc some sci-fi arms too would be great!

  5. I'm digggin' it as is as PERFECT stand in for Thri-Kreen in Dark Sun. I'm already prepping my wallet to take a beating.

  6. Good luck with your new endeavor. I wish luck. The bug guy looks cool. I’ll keep checking in to follow your companies’ development.